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mdgroup is ranked 11th in the 2021 Alantra Pharma Fast 50 list

By May 14, 2021February 16th, 2023No Comments

We’re honoured to be at number 11 in this year’s Pharma Fast 50 – Alantra’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private pharma companies in the UK.

After the challenging events of 2020 and the disruptive impact on the clinical research industry, we’re proud to be leading the charge for a better patient experience at every stage of the clinical journey.  

“Each of the businesses in this year’s Pharma Fast 50 is determinedly focused on solving the problems getting in the way of better outcomes for patients. This relentless advance is driving performance ever higher.” – PharmaTimes

Faced with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, the clinical industry has been pushed to make huge changes and progress over the last year. While responding to the fast-changing landscape created by COVID-19 has been challenging in so many ways – including adapting to remote working and communication and needing to quickly shift to decentralised trial models – there have also been huge positives set to be carried into the future of clinical research. For one, the rapid adoption of technologies that allow for fully decentralised trials as well as an increase in home health services can only be good news for patients.

Collectively we’re proud to say that we have responded to the events of 2020 with resilience, creativity, proactivity, adaptability and incredible teamwork. To be included in the Pharma Fast 50 ranking at such a crucial – and in many ways exciting – time is an affirmation of our core value of innovation and recognition of our commitment to putting patients first in all we do.

“The common theme among these businesses is a relentless focus on innovation.” – PharmaTimes

What’s more, to sit alongside the UK’s most impactful clinical service companies who share so many of our values reminds us that we are part of driving real change within the industry. And that’s what gets us out of bed every day. 

Our CEO, Tarquin Scadding-Hunt says: “It’s super exciting to now be the 11th fastest growing independent UK pharma company and to be recognised for our hard work in developing important patient-first principles. mdgroup’s hybrid services bring together human-to-human connection with homegrown technologies to create truly remarkable patient experiences.”

“We hold our people, culture and collective values dear, and this is what drives our high levels of quality across all the whole organisation. We’re excited to be at the heart of tomorrow’s patient-centred clinical trial experience, pioneering the future of decentralised clinical trials.” 

– Tarquin Scadding-Hunt, mdgroup CEO 

The past year has also been a reminder that we are part of an industry that thrives best when we are collaborating, listening and using shared insight to evolve what we can offer to patients. 

The businesses named in this year’s Pharma Fast 50 are providing essential services at every stage of the drug development journey – from supporting early-stage research to ensuring vital medicines make it across borders. There are businesses using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the most promising drug candidates at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen, others are using technology to replace face to face communication and enable more successful decentralised trials. It’s truly inspiring to witness the innovation and progress happening in the clinical trials space at this time.

“The way in which the pharmaceutical industry has confronted the difficulties of the past 12 months has been inspiring, and it is not only big pharma and biotech that has risen to the challenge. The Alantra Pharma Fast 50 shines a light on the incredible work of many of the industry’s most innovative growing businesses.” – PharmaTimes

Each and every one of these companies deserves attention and recognition for the vital work they’re doing to drive the industry forward, and we heartily congratulate all of our fellow pharma businesses on their rankings and the work that got them there.

You can find the whole report here:

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