Category: Meet the Team

Meet our Senior Proposal Consultant, Carrie Stolarski


Carrie Stolarski is Proposal Consultant for mdgroup and works with our business development and finance teams out of our US office, putting together budgets for services that meet our clients’ needs.

Meet Stacie Bradford: celebrating 16 years with mdgroup


If there’s one person who knows our business inside and out, it’s Stacie. She’s been with us from our bright eyed and bushy tailed start-up days, and has supported our growth and expansion in so many ways. Today she holds the position of Manager, Quality and Compliance, and her focus is on helping us uphold our high standards across every part of the organisation.

Meet our Director of HR & Communications, Tracie Carter


Tracie shares with us what she’s learnt over the past three decades working for global businesses, what’s so special about mdgroup, what it was like starting her new role in the middle of a pandemic and what she is going to be focusing on in her role as Director HR and Communications.

Meet Our Chief Technical Officer, Neil Barfield


Passionate about the positive impact new technologies can have on clinical research and the patient experience, Neil is looking forward to a year of exciting new releases. Here, Neil gives some insight into version three of our in-house digital platform, Primarius, and shares what’s next for mdgroup’s digital products and services.

Meet our Executive Vice President for the Americas, LaQuinta Jernigan


Passionate about putting the patient at the heart of everything we do, LaQuinta shares what she has learnt through the challenges of the pandemic, what she thinks sets us apart from our competitors, and what exciting developments we can expect to see for the company in 2021.

Meet our Chief Executive Officer, Tarquin Scadding-Hunt


Our CEO Tarquin Scadding-Hunt has more than 20 years’ experience in the pharma industry and has overseen many exciting developments in the business.

Passionate about making sure we do everything with compassion and kindness – inside and outside the business – Tarquin shares with us his vision for the company, what makes us different, and how he’s supporting us to create remarkable patient experiences.