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Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups

For over two decades, we’ve been on a mission to make life better for patients and caregivers taking part in clinical trials. This means going above and beyond to support patients in the way that works best for them and their lives.

To us, success isn’t only about boosting clinical trial recruitment and retention rates and improving clinical trial outcomes – it’s about exceeding patients’ and caregivers’ expectations.

What patients say about working with us

“The day my son was diagnosed with a terminal disease I made a promise to give him the best life possible. mdgroup have continued to help me keep my promise to him by ensuring his travel experiences are as pleasant and comfortable as can be.”

“I often experience great customer service. However, I rarely receive truly exceptional customer service beyond the expectation of one’s job. In every instance, mdgroup bring tremendous energy, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.”

How we support patients

How we support patients

Every one of our patient services is underpinned by digital technologies designed to make patients’ lives easier when participating in clinical trials.

Patient mobile app

Our patient mobile app, powered by our in-house platform primarius, puts choice and control in patients’ hands while keeping them informed and engaged throughout their trial participation.

Through the app, patients can claim reimbursements faster, stay connected to Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs) and access info and support at any time.

App features for patients include:

Request reimbursements and travel and

view status updates.

View their visit schedule.

Access visit information, HCP

information, and updates.

Interact with their visiting HCP directly.

View study documentation.

Get custom reminders and alerts.

Access support and FAQs 24/7.

Patient support portal

Through our primarius patient support portal, we give patients choice and control over how they interact with us. This delivers a tailored, empowered patient experience, improving engagement and retention rates.

Our patient portal provides:

24/7 support access, in any language, via telephone,

email, web, or chat.

Access to FAQs, information, documents and


Direct line to mdgroup staff to triage, action, and

manage support items.

Scheduling of follow-up activities or visits.

Patient support portal

Working with patient advocacy groups

Our work isn’t just about getting patients from point A to point B. It's making sure they're comfortable, happy and engaged through the entire clinical journey.

Collaboration with patient advocates and patient advocacy groups is a vital part of this.

Working with patient advocacy groups

While our sponsors take care of what a patient needs clinically, we support patients with what they need on a day to day basis during their clinical trial participation.

Our work with patient advocates and patient advocacy groups is vital for deepening our understanding, building trust, and improving our services.

When we understand what patients need, directly from the patients, we are better able to deliver remarkable patient experiences.

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