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mdgroup Joins New Industry Alliance To Accelerate Adoption Of Decentralised Clinical Trials

By December 18, 2020February 16th, 2023No Comments
patient talking to healthcare professional over web meeting

mdgroup is proud to be a founding member of the Decentralised Clinical Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA), formed to enable collaboration of stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of patient-focused, decentralised clinical trials and research within life sciences and healthcare through education and research.

“DTRA is a great industry initiative that acknowledges we need to work together to reduce the burden on patients participating in clinical trials. At mdgroup, we are committed to delivering remarkable patient experiences through digitally enabled, personalised services,” said Tarquin Scadding-Hunt, CEO, mdgroup.

Think remarkable. Expect remarkable. BE remarkable.

We deliver remarkable patient experiences that improve clinical trial outcomes.

We empower healthcare providers with next-generation care management tools and technologies.

Remarkable means the right people, the right technologies and the right systems to deliver the best possible outcomes for you, your patients, and your clinical trial.

Let’s make your next study remarkable. Contact us now to discuss how.

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