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mobilehealth Milestones in Japan and Pakistan

By June 19, 2024No Comments

Our mobilehealth team recently achieved two incredible milestones, marking our first patient visits in Japan and Pakistan.

These significant achievements highlight our commitment to expanding the reach of decentralized clinical trials and improving patient access to healthcare globally. The successful implementation of these visits involved meticulous planning and close collaboration among team members spread across multiple time zones; engaging various departments, from logistics and supply chain management to patient engagement and healthcare practitioner training. Coordination was key, ensuring that every detail was managed effectively to provide seamless care to patients in these new regions.

Introducing Home Health Services in New Markets

Home health services are not yet widely practised in Japan or Pakistan, so we are pleased to show the benefits it brings to our partner sites. By conducting these initial visits, we are pioneering the adoption of decentralized clinical trials in regions where such services are relatively new. Through this we aim to:

  • Demonstrate Benefits: Show the tangible benefits of home health services to our partner sites, including improved patient convenience, higher retention rates, and enhanced clinical outcomes.
  • Build Trust and Acceptance: Establish trust with local healthcare providers and patients, paving the way for broader acceptance and implementation of home health services in these countries.

Addressing Key Barriers to Clinical Trial Participation

Decentralized and hybrid clinical trials offer patients greater flexibility, addressing several critical barriers:

  • Travel Inconvenience: A significant number of patients decline trial participation due to the inconvenience of travel. By conducting trials remotely, we eliminate this obstacle, making participation easier for patients.
  • Geographical and Distance Barriers: Many patients find the distance to study sites a major hurdle. Decentralized trials remove these geographical constraints, allowing more patients to enrol and engage in studies.
  • Stressful Site Visits: Early dropouts are often attributed to the stress of site visits. Our model reduces the need for these visits, providing a more comfortable and stress-free experience for participants.
  • Financial Concerns: Patients often face financial burdens related to travel expenses for site visits. Decentralized trials eliminate these costs, making participation more financially feasible for a wider range of patients.

Looking Ahead

These milestones are just the beginning. We are committed to continuing our expansion of mobilehealth and bringing the advantages of decentralized clinical trials to more regions worldwide. By doing so, we aim to make clinical trial participation more accessible and convenient for patients everywhere, contributing to better healthcare outcomes globally.


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