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The Complete Guide to Improving Patient Retention in Clinical Trials


In this comprehensive guide to improving patient retention in clinical trials, we explore the impact of a high level of patient focus and support on recruitment and retention rates. We’ll also offer our expert insight into key ways to prioritise patients at every stage of the clinical journey.

Why Decentralisation Is The Future Of Clinical Trials


Decentralisation of clinical trials has been a growing topic of discussion and development over the last few years, enabled further by the advancement of available technologies. Here, we explore what we mean when we talk about decentralised trials and discuss why the clinical research industry has been reluctant to pursue this route. We illuminate the […]

From Patient-Centric to Patient-Driven Trials


Patient influence in clinical trials is extending, from understanding patients’ needs and engaging them in the clinical development process, to giving patients the freedom to choose what’s right for them. In a recent virtual conference presentation, our VP, Patient Engagement, Vale Nicoli-Carr, talked about how we need to take our understanding of patients’ needs and put patients in the driving seat in clinical trials.