horreum Clinical Equipment Logistics

Strengthening the supply chain to deliver remarkable

Our fully compliant medical distribution centres strengthen the links in the clinical trail supply chain.

The horreum network is supported by our primarius technology, allowing us to facilitate decentralised and hybrid clinical trial visits through our mobilehealth services around the world.

You can rely on us to deliver remarkable experiences for your patients in their own homes with the best quality equipment delivered safely and on time, everytime. We use an express delivery service so we can get products to our Healthcare Providers overnight, or with two or three-day delivery, depending on their location and your needs.

Strengthening the supply chain to deliver remarkable

As sourcing equipment and travel logistics get more complicated worldwide, our medical distribution centres ensure we have all the resources we need to deliver success for your clinical trial to the highest possible standard.

Our horreum locations serve clients across the globe and enable us to offer you an efficient, cost-saving alternative to other outsourcing models.