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Technology is at the heart of the mdgroup ecosystem

Our in-house technology platform, primarius underpins all of our services, providing a central information hub and seamless, integrated experience for patients, caregivers, sponsors, and healthcare providers.

primarius puts the patient first, connecting our ondemand and mobilehealth services, which provide the patient a choice about how they carry out their clinical trial.

We can support you to take the trial to the patient or the patient to the trial, delivering remarkable experiences at every touch point.

Technology is at the heart of the mdgroup ecosystem

Manage Expenses


Travel & Logistics


Study Information



primarius empowers patients by putting the trial in their hands. The patient mobile app allows them to manage their own expenses, view travel and logistics, study information and visits, and receive personalised support.

The client portal provides you with reports, approval tools and study insight dashboards from anywhere at any time.

Healthcare practitioners also benefit from up to date patient and visit details, study checklists, and digital tools to make their visit as seamless as possible, all from one central location.

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