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What do our mdfamily say about us?

“I feel very privileged to be part of the mdfamily. Every single person in all departments across our company are so dedicated to making a difference to our patients, their families, and our clients. We have supported many patients with new and alternative travel solutions to allow them to continue with vital treatment through clinical trials during Covid-19. We truly keep the patient at the very heart of the clinical trial. I’m very proud to be a part of this remarkable journey”

Pam Seggie
Director, navigator

“People want to do a fantastic job here, and they do. The service we provide to the patients is second to none. Some of the testimonials I’ve read from patients and their carers about their experience with us through the clinical trial process are so moving. It makes you realise how much of an impact we have on people’s lives.”

Caroline Jackson
Executive Vice President, Patient Services

“Whatever happens, the people around you always get you through. There’s always someone in the team who will put their hand up and offer to help. The sense of teamwork and collaboration is strong.”

Tom Brazier
Director, Decentralised Clinical Solutions

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