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Going above and beyond for patients: Brittany Haltzman-Cassenti

By April 12, 2024No Comments

Brittany Haltzman-Cassenti, our Senior Global Project Manager recently went above and beyond for a young patient. In this article, we share her story.

Brittany’s Story

A 12-year-old patient with a rare disease was treated in November and had been an inpatient for 4 months following the treatment. Brittany was working with the site to navigate getting him medically transported to a site closer to home. His mum was given 1 day’s notice to get everything sorted, as they were going to leave the hospital the following afternoon on the only med plane that could get them home before a snowstorm. However, she was only able to bring 1 small backpack on the plane. Brittany was able to arrange for shipping boxes and materials to go to mum ahead of time, so they could transport their remaining personal items.

However, mum was suddenly told the evening before their departure, that she would not be able to bring her son’s custom wheelchair on the plane, much to her distress – because it does not fold and could not be strapped down. Trying her best to resolve the unexpected issue, Brittany spoke to clinical managers about whether one of our sample courier partners could help. Amazingly, by midday on Wednesday (less than 24 hours later), Brittany had confirmation from the courier, approval from legal and approval from the sponsor to proceed with assisting the young patient. She coordinated with the clinical site for the scheduled pickup at 10 am Friday.

As a result, the wheelchair was delivered to the patient’s residence by Saturday afternoon, minimising disruption. In a matter of a few days, Brittany managed to get this vital piece of equipment back to the patient with little effort or worry needed by the family.


“While this was a challenge I had not been presented with before, I knew I had to help both mom and the patient with the return of this important mobility device. There are so many things that can impact the ability of a patient and their family to continue participation in a clinical trial and it is important that we try to help remove any burden that we can. Mom and patient have enough to worry about, I am glad I was able to take this off of their minds.”


At mdgroup, we pride ourselves on our incredible patient experience, if you want to experience remarkable in your clinical trial – get in touch.

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