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mdgroup Expands Clinical Trial Solutions with Acquisition of Skyelarke and SkyePay Platform

By April 1, 2024April 12th, 2024No Comments

We are pleased to announce a significant development in our ongoing commitment to advancing the clinical trial landscape. Today, we are proud to reveal the completion of our acquisition of Skyelarke, an esteemed innovator renowned for its pioneering patient payment system, SkyePay. This strategic acquisition underscores a pivotal moment in our journey, solidifying our dedication to refining clinical trial solutions and prioritizing patient-centred care.

At mdgroup, our ethos revolves around delivering exceptional technologies and experiences tailored to patients participating in site-based and decentralized clinical trials. With the addition of Skyelarke’s expertise and the integration of SkyePay’s user-friendly platform, our capabilities are further strengthened to cater to the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the global landscape.

In the words of our CEO, Tarquin Scadding-Hunt:

“mdgroup has been a founding investment partner in Skyelarke and we’re thrilled to announce our full acquisition. This move expands our global reach, enabling us to provide fully automated, cost-effective volume payments and reimbursements to clinical sites, sponsors, and CRO partners. Skyelarke and its flagship product SkyePay are part of the exciting technology ecosystem of tomorrow, combining efficiency, flexibility and automation in the clinical trials industry. We look forward to supporting our clients with this additional service offering.”

What implications does this hold for our valued partners and clients? It means streamlined patient payments, improved recruitment and retention rates, and ultimately, accelerated medical research. With SkyePay’s intuitive platform, we’re eliminating financial hurdles for patients and simplifying payment processes for sites and sponsors.

Paul McCabe, Skyelarke’s Sr. Director of Product Development, expressed profound enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to prioritise patient needs.

“This will enable SkyePay to not only bring the most flexible and patient-centred payment options, but also support travel and logistic needs, or in-home health visits.”

He emphasised our shared vision to revolutionise the clinical trial experience for patients by providing personalised, dedicated travel support, and high-touch services. Through these initiatives, we aim to make participation in trials easier, more comfortable, and ultimately more empowering for patients, signalling a transformative shift towards a truly patient-centred approach in clinical research.

So, whether you’re a pharmaceutical giant or a small biotech startup, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Here’s to a future of innovation, collaboration, and remarkable patient experiences!


To learn more about Skyelarke and their groundbreaking work, check out

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