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Introducing the mdtalk podcast: bringing you the best in clinical research discussions straight to your device

By March 17, 2022February 16th, 2023No Comments

We are delighted to announce the launch of the mdtalk podcast. Join host LaQuinta Jernigan, Executive Vice President for North America at mdgroup, as she shines a light on the biggest challenges affecting clinical trials today, and discusses solutions with the most knowledgeable clinical industry experts, patients and advocates.

Through the podcast, we aim to answer some of the most important questions impacting clinical research. How do we make clinical trials more diverse and inclusive to create true health equity? How do we deliver remarkable patient experiences that reduce dropout rate and improve clinical outcomes? And how do we leverage the latest medtech innovations in decentralised and hybrid trials?

If you work in the healthcare and clinical industry, these are conversations you won’t want to miss.

Episode guide

mdtalk Episode 1: Why Diversity in Clinical Trials Matters with Karen Correa, PhD

In our first episode of mdtalk, LaQuinta Jernigan, Executive Vice President for the Americas at mdgroup, speaks to Karen Correa PhD, VP, Head of Global Clinical Operations at Takeda, about the importance of increasing diversity and achieving true representation in clinical trials.

Karen has almost 30 years of experience in clinical research with a specialist focus on diversity and inclusion. In this episode, we explore why she’s so passionate about equal representation in medicine and what the industry can do to create a better, fairer healthcare system.

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mdTalk Episode 2: Raising Awareness of Clinical Trials in Diverse Communities

In our second episode of mdtalk, we discuss why increasing diversity in clinical trials matters, and the impact a lack of diversity has on equity in health care. Our second episode focuses on the importance of actively raising awareness of clinical research in minority communities, and how we can do that effectively.

Executive Vice President for The Americas, LaQuinta Jernigan, is joined by Dr. Allison Matthews, CEO and founder of Community Expert Solutions, as well as Rashaad Galloway and Dezbee McDaniel, co-founders of CliniSpan Health.

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mdTalk Episode 3: Moderna on Diversity and Their COVID-19 Clinical Trial

In this episode, we’re joined by Jameka Hill, Director of Patient Engagement and Advocacy and Clinical Trial Diversity at Moderna.

We dive into Moderna’s groundbreaking COVID-19 mRNA vaccine trial and the incredible commitment they put into achieving one of the most diverse clinical trials in history – even slowing down enrollment in September 2020 when it appeared they were failing to recruit enough Black, LatinX and Native American participants.

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mdTalk Episode 4: The Patient Experience with Eric South

We’re joined by Eric South, founder of non-profit organisation The Gladiator Project, which connects families impacted by brain cancer with the support they need to fight the disease, as well as fundraising for research to find a cure.

In this episode, we hear Eric’s remarkable story, from receiving his brain cancer diagnosis to the challenges he faced when finding a clinical trial, and building the incredible Gladiator Project to support others like him.

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