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Watch this space as Horreum redefines the supply chain for a global audience

By May 20, 2022February 16th, 2023No Comments

Horreum, our medical distribution centres based in the US, UK and Europe, will soon be launched as a standalone service to offer more support to clients and patients across the globe.

The Horreum medical supply distribution centres have been integral to the development of our mobilehealth services, allowing us to get quality medical equipment to our team of global nurses so they can carry out important trial visits offsite, often in patient’s own homes. This has become increasingly important following the pandemic, as we witness the shift towards decentralised clinical trials and in-home healthcare that puts patients’ needs at its heart.

The Horreum network is supported by our primarius technology, allowing us to facilitate decentralised and hybrid clinical trial visits through our mobilehealth services around the world. We use an express delivery service so we can get products to our Healthcare Providers overnight, or with two or three-day delivery, depending on their location and needs.

Neal Pope, Horreum’s Director, helped to set up the Durham, North Carolina facility in December 2020 and has been involved in the roll out to other areas including Europe, ever since. Neal said:

“It’s exciting that we are across the globe, making patients’ lives better and supporting the development of life changing discoveries”.

As a standalone service, Horreum will continue to provide exceptional service to our own clients and patients, with the added benefit of now being able to increase its reach beyond mdgroup.

Neal commented: “Our goal is to continue to grow the business and build on existing business relationships. When new contracts are created, it results in more opportunities for the teams in the distribution centres to support our clients and support our patients across the globe”.

For more information about our mobilehealth services and how we combine personalised care with cutting-edge technology to create remarkable patient experiences, get in touch today.

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