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Number Six on J.P. Morgan Top 200 Female-Powered Business List

By July 9, 2021February 16th, 2023No Comments

We’re proud to be number six on the J.P.Morgan 200 Female-Powered Businesses list, and the regional champion for our area.

The report identifies and analyses high-growth female-powered UK businesses, providing a better understanding of their role and contribution to the British economy. It includes businesses that have grown sales, headcount or valuation at “extraordinary rates” over the past 12 months. mdgroup has grown in all three areas – a testament to our team’s dedication, flexibility and passion for the patient experience.

As a female-powered company, we not only draw on the insights and expertise of our founder and executive chair, Miriam Dervan. We’re proud to have strong, female-led teams across all areas of the organisation, and more than 50% of our senior executives are women. We’re passionate about driving diversity, not just among our team but within our industry, and we support our clients to make clinical trials more accessible for all.

Over the past year, we’ve evolved to meet the changing needs of the clinical research industry at unprecedented rates. We’ve supported the uptake of decentralised clinical trials, developed our mobilehealth division, and launched medical distribution centres in Europe and North America to carry out clinical trial visits in patient’s own homes.

We’ve recently launched version three of our in-house technology platform, primarius. primarius helps to remove known barriers at each stage of the patient journey, providing 247 support, and analysing sentiment to provide invaluable insights for study leaders and create a better experience for all. primarius also supports the continued professional development of our team of mobilehealth nurses.

Our reputation for delivering remarkable experiences comes from our teams’ commitment to finding solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. Our place on the J.P.Morgan Top 200 List, as well as the continued growth and success of our organisation, is thanks to the remarkable individuals who work with us, without whom none of this would be possible.

For the full report, follow this link.


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