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Meet our remarkable global sales team

By November 22, 2022February 16th, 2023No Comments

We’re proud of every individual in our global mdgroup team. Not only are they wonderful to work with, but their drive to create remarkable patient experiences and make life better for all patients taking part in clinical trials is a daily inspiration.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible sales team – so we wanted to introduce you to them, along with their background, hobbies and what makes them so passionate about delivering remarkable patient experiences.

Tracy Rasoul

Director Of Business Development

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for my entire career – around 25 years. Working in clinical research has fuelled my passion for supporting patients, especially in paediatrics, oncology and rare diseases.

Before I joined mdgroup I spent a number of years in the CRO space, selling services to the biopharmaceutical industry. mdgroup was one of my vendors and I saw first-hand the impact they had for my clients, sponsors and their study patients.

When I was approached about an opportunity to join the team, it was a very easy decision. Joining a family of like-minded professionals that truly put patients first is exactly where I wanted to be.

Creating remarkable patient experiences is at the core of everything we do and every service we provide. We strive to ensure that involvement in clinical trials actually enhances a person’s life by removing barriers to participation, compliance, and retention.

“The future of clinical research depends on our ability to listen and adapt to the needs of patients.”

The future of clinical research depends on our ability to listen and adapt to the needs of study patients. Understanding the intricacies and complexities of the patient journey is critical to the successful advancement of medicine and the development of therapies to treat and cure diseases.

Outside of work, most weekends see me taking in a great music concert, attending sports activities (Go Memphis Grizzlies!), or travelling. Whatever the plan is, sharing it with my family will always be my favourite way to spend it.

I’ve been fortunate to cross many dreams off my bucket list already. Of the remaining, I would have to say these are the top three:

  1. Visit every continent – only Africa and Antarctica to go!
  2. Live abroad with my husband – we have a plan and cannot wait to implement… just as soon as the last kiddo is off to college.
  3. Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud

Charlotte Gowling

Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, patientprimary

I’ve worked in clinical research for over 25 years, across various therapeutic areas. Many of my experiences throughout those years led me to focus on patients going through the clinical trial journey, tackling the complexities of patient recruitment and retention.

At the beginning of my career, patients simply gave us data. Roll forward 20 years, and attitudes and protocols have completely changed.

“Patients are people. They have families, jobs and commitments. I’m passionate about what I do because the patient experience is crucial to clinical research.”

Patients are people. They have families, jobs and a variety of commitments. Right across the board, the clinical research industry continues to shift focus to meet patients’ needs first and foremost.

I’m passionate about what I do because the patient experience is crucial to clinical research. It’s extremely expensive to have patients drop out of trials, plus it impacts data and outcomes. Addressing the reasons patients might drop out – and taking proactive action to prevent it – prevents spiralling costs and minimises potential delays in getting new treatments to market.

My ideal weekend is spending time with friends and family and my three bucket list dreams are:

  1. Purchase and renovate period properties
  2. Buy a property on the beach in the Maldives
  3. Try a profession in a different field – ideally being a vet!

Robert Hofmeister

Director, Business Development

I’m a chemist and cell biologist by education with a love for natural sciences, a good portion of curiosity and a desire to understand the root cause of health issues. I get huge satisfaction in bringing people together and finding solutions to unmet needs.

Before mdgroup, I had more than ten years experience in a CRO and eight years in RA/PV consultancy. I wanted a more meaningful role, and at the end of 2021 I was introduced to mdgroup. I immediately realised their patient-driven vision and mission was aligned with mine.

When I was working in the CRO space and service industry, then the biopharmaceutical industry, there was no focus on patients’ wellbeing from a business perspective. Patients were considered anonymous, expendable assets by many organisations.

“Personally, I get huge satisfaction in bringing people together and finding solutions to unmet needs.”

There are many compelling reasons for a patient to want to take part in a clinical trial. While patients and their families hope for improvement in symptoms and prognosis, at the same time, they are taking part in something inconvenient, recurring and stressful, with uncertain outcomes.

While I don’t work directly with patients in clinical trials, I do have the unique opportunity to speak with prospective customers, show them the impact mdgroup can make, and work with them to improve patients’ lives throughout a clinical study.

My ideal weekend is spent outdoors – on skis in winter – and hiking during my “off-season” (non-winter). My three bucket list dreams are:

  1. See my children succeed in life and go back to University as a student in a few years
  2. Spend time with family and friends, and take care of my two forests
  3. Tick off a few more out-of-the-ordinary destinations from my winter/skiing travel destination list

Eloise Moffett

Senior Director, Business Development

I educate our new and existing clients on the unique solutions mdgroup offers, ensuring they retain participants in their clinical trial. My goal is to ensure the sponsor gets the results they need for their study to be successful.

For 17 years I worked in the travel industry – and I’d never considered working in the healthcare industry. But then I was approached by an external recruitment company about a travel-focused role at mdgroup, got the role and was eventually asked if I would like to try the clinical side. I immediately said yes… and now, five years later, the rest is history!

In sales, we might not be on the frontline with patients but we make a difference in other ways. Knowing that I’ve educated a sponsor to understand the work we do, and I’ve helped bring that service to a patient, really does warm my heart.

I make sure I seek out engagement with patients wherever I can. I want to understand how they and their families feel, so I can ensure I’m recommending the right solutions and that I understand their impact.

“Without patients, there is no trial. Without a trial, there is no treatment. We need our patients. And we need them to feel in control of their trial participation.”

All I’ve ever known is sales – but at mdgroup, I don’t look at a contract as just a ‘win’. Instead, I feel like I’m personally making a difference in that patient’s experience.

Without patients in clinical trials, we would not have vital medical data or life-changing treatments on the market. Life is short, and we never know when we or a loved one might need these treatments.

Without patients, there is no trial. Without a trial, there is no treatment. We need our patients. And we need them to feel in control of their trial participation. This is why what we do is crucial. By ensuring our patients stay in a trial, we ensure life-changing research can be conducted.

My favourite way to spend my weekends is with my family. We love beach days, Disney days, farmers market days… anything fun! The top 3 things on my bucket list are:

  1. Move to America (which I have been lucky enough to tick off with thanks to mdgroup)
  2. A house with a big staircase … I don’t know why, it’s just a thing!
  3. Go to Thailand and Hawaii

Taking a patient-first approach is key to creating a powerful recruitment and retention strategy.

Our global team of experts are on-hand 24 hours a day throughout the entire clinical journey, supporting sponsors and CROs to make a difference to the lives of thousands of patients worldwide. Find out more.

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