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key Insights from SCOPE Europe 2023

By November 1, 2023No Comments

In October, we attended the Scope Summit EU in Barcelona. From a stall with a claw machine filled to the brim with cuddly micro-organisms to our customisable conference survival kits, the giveaways were great conversation starters.

There was a positive buzz in the air as many incredible industry leaders participated in this well-attended event.

Overall, we were delighted that so many sponsors and CROs are adopting the #NoGoingBack pledge and looking to keep the hybrid and DCT model for a better patient experience.

Here are some key takeaways from our time at SCOPE EU 2023.

Incorporating patient feedback for better trial design

While patient-centricity remained on everyone’s lips, we were very interested to hear how sites, sponsors, and CROs keep the patient experience at the heart of trial design.

There was a recurring theme of trial designers collating patient feedback at the end of their trials to determine what elements to use in their early-stage protocol. We’ve always believed putting the patient voice at the heart of trial design early on is the best way to improve the patient experience, and it was reassuring to know that so many industry leaders feel the same way.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not true inclusion. When speaking with our fellow attendees, many resonated with our unique offering, which prioritises giving patients a choice and allowing them to participate in trials in a way that works for them.

Strict trial budgets and consolidating applications

It’s no surprise that given current financial restrictions worldwide, budgeting was a common challenge many professionals were looking to overcome.

Consolidating applications to save time and money was one solution echoed by many in attendance. Those we spoke with were interested in how technology can streamline trial processes. There is an appetite for harmonisation and the secure sharing of data when necessary.

primarius, our in-house technology platform, is a prime example of how we support clinicians to consolidate their processes through tech. Underpinning all of our services, primarius provides a central hub for patients, caregivers, sponsors, and healthcare providers. The mobile app allows patients to view and manage their expenses, travel and study information. For clients, the portal provides reports, approval tools and study insight that you can access anytime, making managing multiple platforms a thing of the past.

Healthcare practitioners also benefit from up-to-date patient and visit details, study checklists, and digital tools to make their visit as seamless as possible, all from one central location.

Many individuals were impressed by our incredible global coverage and how many services we have in one place, from on-demand and home health to reimbursement and equipment distribution.

We had an incredible time meeting old connections and building new relationships with industry leaders. If we didn’t get an opportunity to talk with you, we’d love to chat – get in touch.

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