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In conversation with Ignacio Handal — 2022 Christine Pierre Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

By January 23, 2023February 16th, 2023No Comments
Pictures Of Caroline Jackson And Ignacio Handal

Caroline Jackson, Executive Vice President of Patient Services at mdgroup, recently interviewed

Ignacio Handal, CEO at Clinicom, after he was presented with the Christine Pierre Lifetime Achievement award.

Clinicom is a mental health assessment platform that saves time and enriches visits by providing clinicians with precise patient information before appointments. It’s a groundbreaking software that prioritises mental health, efficiently assessing patients for over 80 possible mental health conditions using adaptive AI learning.

Ignacio said:

“We see it as not only the clinical tool to screen anybody in the world, and any location with internet for any mental health assessment, but also for decentralised trials, so you centralise trials at scale, using our immense library of standardised tools.”

We are proud sponsors of the Christine Pierre lifetime achievement award, which recognises remarkable individuals in the clinical development industry and leaders and practitioners who have significantly impacted the world of clinical trials. The award is in memory of Christine Pierre, founder and president of the Society for Clinical Research Sites and previous lifetime achievement award winner.

When Caroline asked him what winning the Christine Pierre Lifetime Award meant, Ignacio replied:

“It’s a culmination of a lot of effort and late nights. I knew Christine Pierre personally, So it means the world to me. Honestly, she was a pioneer in our industry.”

Watch the interview below to learn more about the biggest challenges impacting mental health in clinical trials, how Clinicom works, and what excites Ignacio about the industry.


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