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horreum — our medical distribution centres are critical to the success of your decentralised and hybrid clinical trials

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horreum, mdgroup’s innovative medical distribution centres, introduced in 2021, play a pivotal role in the success of decentralised and hybrid clinical trials. These centres are thoughtfully designed and operated to meet the evolving demands of the clinical trial landscape.

Medical distribution centres are game-changing for DCTs

Decentralised and hybrid trials fundamentally alter the supply chain. Rather than sourcing and sending medical equipment, lab kits and other supplies to an established number of clinical research sites, sponsors and CROs require the items to be delivered to many healthcare professionals conducting mobile health visits across various countries or regions.

Our centres enable high-quality, regionally compliant medical equipment and lab, nurse, and patient kits to be delivered to global healthcare teams quickly and cost-effectively. This ensures teams are equipped and ready to perform all protocol-required assessments, collect all necessary data and respond quickly to participants’ needs.

Advantages of horreum for Decentralised and Hybrid Trials

horreum revolutionises supply chains by shifting the focus from conventional research sites to serving mobile healthcare professionals globally. Key benefits of our holistic approach to decentralised and hybrid trial management are:
● Effective collaboration between our internal team and the HCPs in the field ensures we
understand the protocol and clinical requirements to deliver consistently high standards
in supply chain management.
● Alignment of supply and distribution and mobile health services under the same
management with the same goals ensures rapid and more flexible responses to
● Experts in medical equipment and requirements for clinical trials, not just a depot or
● Hold high quality equipment in-house enabling rapid deployment.
● Commitment to exceptional customer service ensuring the seamless operation of
decentralised and hybrid trials

Our reach:

● Same day dispatch on all orders as standard
● Global next-day delivery capabilities in most regions
● 3-day delivery as standard in most regions
● More than 300,000 products (medical equipment and ancillary supplies) in stock and
ready to be shipped at any one time
● Centres located in Durham, North Carolina, Bracknell, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands
(with qualified partners supporting other regions)
mdgroup continues to evaluate horreum expansion in Asia and the Oceania region

horreum gets the right product to the right place at the right time.

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