mdtranslate provides industry-leading clinical trial translations in over 100 languages.

  • Experts in medical terminology and processes
  • Fully compliant high-quality translations
  • Dedicated support throughout your project
  • The latest technological advances in translation

Dedicated project managers

Our focus is on the quality of our services and our exceptional customer care. Your project manager will ensure you are kept up-to-date, your deadlines are consistently met and all work is performed to the best possible standard by a qualified and experienced translator. We understand that our role is part of a bigger project and strive to help you achieve your end-goals.

Highly experienced translators

Our hand-picked translators go through a rigorous vetting and selection process to ensure they are of the highest calibre. We continuously monitor their linguistic competence and knowledge of medical terminology.

High-tech approach

Our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools store previously translated material and terminology within translation memory (TM) software. This helps to save time and money, whilst improving the quality and consistency of translations.

Certified translations

We provide certifications in the majority of the most common business languages, as well as many rarer languages.