expensefirst is a customisable app and expense card, allowing patients to be quickly reimbursed and offering them peace of mind.

  • Decreasing dropout rates through a patient-centric approach
  • Tailored reimbursement system
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Fully compliant, ethical and transparent

Simple expense reimbursements

The costs associated with traveling to and from a site of study are a major factor in patient dropout rates. Our customisable app and expense card allow patients to be quickly reimbursed using a system tailored to specific patient’s need.

With compliance at its core, the app allows patients, delegates and HCPs to upload receipts and receive reimbursements via a pre-issued post-load card system, avoiding bank charges. Accepted worldwide, the system is straightforward, highly ethical, and transparent.

expensefirst is also offered as part of our patientprimary service.

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