Our Services and Products

About mdgroup

We provide bespoke services and technological solutions which fit your budget, overcome your challenges and help boost recruitment and retention rates. This could save you millions in lost time and revenue.

We are constantly innovating, drawing upon our understanding of the challenges you face to create technologies and services that will boost retention rates and assist in getting your product on the market faster.

All our services are tailored to your needs and the needs of patients and HCPs. From coordinating onsite care and compliant travel, to providing bespoke home care and clinical translations, we offer high-quality and effective solutions to every challenge.

Our travel company takes the stress of travel out of your hands. We will organise every detail, drawing on our extensive experience to ensure a high-quality, fully compliant service.

Benefit from the cutting-edge technologies developed by our in-house experts, meeting challenges and enhancing your experience at every stage. From building bespoke patient apps and expense management systems to organising hybrid and virtual meetings, we always go the extra mile.

Our experienced events team will work in close collaboration with you to ensure the best possible cutting edge experience. As a CPD Accreditation Centre, we conduct detailed programme assessments and award professional credits, which in turn helps to ensure high-tier attendance and improve engagement across the board.

Gain access to industry-leading clinical trial translations in over 100 languages through mdtranslate. Using the latest in translation technology, you will save time and money, while improving the quality and consistency of translations and boosting retention rates of patients.

With over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have a thorough understanding of what you require to succeed. This includes the people you need to drive your business forward. Through our recruitment services, we source the top talent from around the world.

Our range of services offer compliant and effective solutions to every challenge, adding extra value to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to find out how our global experts can help exceed your goals.