Category: Patient Engagement

How to Involve Patients in the Design of Decentralised Clinical Trials


There’s no doubt of the seismic impact COVID-19 has had on clinical trials. As a result of safety measures, the industry has had no choice but to start moving towards an approach which minimises or eliminates the need for travel and contact. As a result, more and more trials are being held virtually, and completely decentralised trials are increasingly more common.

How We Can Address Barriers to Clinical Trial Accessibility


Here, we explore the biggest social barriers to clinical trial accessibility from a patient recruitment perspective, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of technology in making research more accessible.

Why We Need To Improve Diversity Amongst Clinical Trial Participants


We explore the issues faced when people of white, European descent are over-represented in clinical trials, the benefits of a diverse patient population on trial outcomes, and how researchers can engage with minority populations to increase diversity among participants to improve overall drug development.