The Future of Clinical Trials from the Patient Perspective

The clinical trials industry is gradually shifting its weight behind DCTs, seeing the considerable potential to address some of the industries long standing challenges, including recruitment and retention of trial participant.  But in this report, we explore a perspective often overlooked by the clinical trials industry, which is that of the participants themselves, to understand better if adopting a decentralised approach to all clinical trials is the right move.

All too often, participants are seen as the subject of study rather than as active partners in their care.

In this report, we give a platform to the participant’s voice, as we passionately believe listening to, accepting, and understanding first-hand, lived experience and combining it with data and evidence from across the industry is the real key to unlocking the future of the clinical trial.

The Patient Experience

A comparison of the very different experiences of two clinical trial participants

Chris Ojeda

US based Chris Ojeda is the parent of a young boy taking part in trials for his rare muscular condition. Chris and his Son’s next trial will be is 200th plane journey in 6 years. He discovered the trials through parent and patient support groups.

Fran Cucca

UK-based participant Fran Cucca lived less than 5 miles away from her trial site, and was recommended a specific trial for her form of cancer through her oncologist.