Patient Services


patientprimary was asked to assist with very specific patient services for a group of 28 Celiac disease sufferers, travelling from across eight countries to take part in a clinical trial.

With patients travelling internationally for a total of 10 site visits each, we needed to organise transfers, flights, accommodation and reimbursement in multiple currencies, as well as ensuring all patients’ passports and visas were up to date.

Putting patients’ needs at the heart of our service, we also had to take the patients’ strict gluten-free diets into account when arranging hospitality, and work with patients who were unable to access or understand modern technologies.

What we did

We wanted to ensure patients were taken care of from door to door during this demanding period in their lives. We organised a specialist concierge service to transfer patients from their homes to the airport, from the destination airport to the study site, and back again.

As a few of the patients may have found it difficult or stressful to research travel arrangements online, we took care of all the bookings on patients’ behalf, sourcing the best possible flights and hotel locations to suit their visit schedules and specific needs.

In cases where patients hadn’t requested or renewed passports prior to the study, we liaised with passport offices on their behalves, giving patients less to worry about in the run-up to the study.

We ensured that gluten-free food was available for our patients during their hotel stays. This meant arranging specific gluten-free menus with the hotels, as there were no such options already available. This made it easier for patients to relax rather than searching for restaurants that would cater to their needs.

We arranged expenses and reimbursements for each patient, converting all sums into currencies specified by the patients. This removed the hassle of converting currencies from patients, allowing them to quickly claim back what they needed.

Some patients were unable to access or understand online communications, so we arranged alternative methods of communication and transferring documents to suit each individual, building our service around their needs.


The study was concluded without a single dropout, and patients were able to attend every site visit on time.

Celimmune stated, “Knowing that door-to-door travel, out-of-pocket reimbursements, in-city transfers, overnight accommodation and provision of meals are all taken care of encourages patient enrolment from the outset... Recruiting patients is becoming more and more challenging, and more and more costly.

Therefore, based on our experience to date, we can highly recommend patientprimary for its proven, value-adding, patient concierge services.”

Trial participants also expressed their satisfaction, with one stating, “I want to say thank you to patientprimary for help and kindness during these weeks. It helps a lot to be greeted warmly. You have helped me with everything, including taking a bike on the plane.”