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mobilehealth Facilitates Remarkable During Australia’s COVID-19 Outbreak

mobilehealth Facilitates Remarkable During Australia’s COVID-19 Outbreak

The challenge:

The mobilehealth team, part of our patientprimary division, facilitated decentralised clinical trial visits in remote and metropolitan areas in Australia during a COVID-19 Delta variant outbreak. We focused on delivering remarkable patient experiences while reducing the risks associated with travel at that time.

The Solution:

Our patientprimary team starts every project by listening to the patient, designing our home visits to suit their needs and lifestyle, and putting the patients first at every stage of the journey.

When a patient is referred to us they receive an introductory call from our clinical management team, who discuss what to expect from their first visit. This initial contact provides an opportunity for patients to ask questions, and also helps us to ensure we’ve assigned the most appropriate Health Care Practitioner (HCP) to conduct their visits.

We also gain an understanding of the patient’s preference for when their visits take place, considering their social, cultural and work commitments.

Safety and Compliance

Our services in Australia and New Zealand, as with all others globally, adhere to a strict COVID-safety plan, including a pre-visit COVID Exposure Risk Assessment.

When community and workplace exposure risks are particularly high, our nurses also undertake surveillance screening for COVID-19 to protect the patients and their household from unnecessary exposure. They travel to visits by car to minimise public exposure with everything they need to safely and efficiently carry out the visit.

Some of the visits were in very remote areas, requiring nurses to commute by car or plane. They follow strict protocol to minimise their exposure before the visit and during their travel, such as pre-visit COVID-19 surveillance and compliance with local public health advice.

Our team conducted procedures with informed consent and an emphasis on ensuring the patient was comfortable throughout their engagement with our service. Our HCPs adhered to strict policies around infection prevention and aseptic technique when engaging with patients in compliance with clinical safety standards.

The Outcome:

The feedback from the patients and their caregivers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re proud of the role we’ve taken in keeping patients safe and engaged on clinical trials throughout the global pandemic.

Our teams continue to go above and beyond to deliver remarkable patient experiences at every stage of the clinical journey.


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