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Going the Extra Mile: Advocating for Families in Clinical Trials

Going the Extra Mile: Advocating for Families in Clinical Trials

We enabled a family to take part in a clinical trial and adjusted their accommodation as their children were enrolled.

The Challenge

A family with three children had to move from Ohio to California, where their son was enrolled in a clinical trial. All three children were dealing with a terminal, degenerative disorder that affects white blood cell production and causes increased infections. The treatment was based on a form of stem cell transplant, and it was crucial for the young boy to stay engaged and active in the trial.

Working closely with the family, we were able to get their other two children enrolled in the trial, all of whom under the age of six at the time they were participating. The family needed long term accommodation and personalised support throughout this challenging time.

The Solution

We arranged for the whole family to move from Ohio to California. Initially, we supplied accommodation for nine months as the family were enrolling just one child. When the family made the decision to enrol the other two children, we extended the family’s stay in the same accomodation for continuity and comfort.

Having the children enrolled together made it easier to coordinate our services for their needs. We could advocate on their behalf more easily, as a family unit. As this situation is less common, we were able to make exceptions to ensure logistic and trial visits ran smoothly for the family, and the trial itself.

The complexity of this situation meant the family had full access to our services. They received the support of our ondemand team, right up to our Global Project managers, to ensure they got a consistently high level of care.

The Outcome

With all three children enrolled as patients, the parents were able to stay in California throughout the whole process. We catered to the family’s needs through our ondemand services and worked closely with the father to tailor our support to suit their needs.

“The dad sent us Christmas cards to let us know that the family made it home in time for Christmas.” – Brittany Haltzman-Cassenti, Global Project Manager told us, reflecting on her time working with the family.

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