Putting patients first

mdgroup is a global digital and patient health services company, pioneering a patient-first approach to clinical research. 

We combine our clinical trial and patient support expertise with cutting edge technologies to support patients throughout the entire clinical journey.

Our products and services have been developed patient-first, targeting the specific reasons patients cite for dropping out of a clinical trial. From travel issues to inconvenient locations to delays with expense reimbursement, we have evolved to meet the needs of patients around the globe.

Making the clinical more human

Since we launched we’ve been on a mission to revolutionise the way the healthcare industry approaches product development. 

By paying attention to the little details that make the biggest difference, we’ll work with you to drastically reduce patient drop-out rates and boost the success of your clinical trial. 

On average 18% of randomized patients drop-out of a clinical trial, and it costs three times as much to replace those patients as it did to recruit them.

Taking a patient-first approach is key to creating a powerful recruitment and retention strategy. Our global team of experts are on-hand 24 hours a day throughout the entire clinical journey, supporting sponsors and CROs to make a difference to the lives of thousands of patients worldwide.

The Board

Miriam Dervan

Miriam Dervan

Executive Chair

Entrepreneurial and intuitive, Miriam founded mdgroup in 2002. Today mdgroup is a digital and patient health services business offering a range of personalised services to support clinical trials on a global scale.

As Executive Chair of our board, Miriam uses her extensive industry experience to inspire a culture of ‘putting patients first’ – ensuring patients’ needs are top of mind in everything the team does.

Miriam’s success is reflected in her desire to help others achieve the same. As Chair of Women in Business European Council for WEConnect Europe, she tirelessly champions women-led enterprise, education and networking. Through our charity and as a trustee of the MD Educational Foundation, Miriam shares her own personal journey from finding her way as a school-leaver to establishing her own successful business, where she mentors and strives to inspire this entrepreneurial spirit.

Tarquin Scadding-Hunt

Tarquin Scadding-Hunt

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Tarquin is a creative, solutions-focused and pioneering leader. He takes an entrepreneurial and dynamic approach to extending the reach of our business and is passionate about what can be gained through challenging the status quo.

Tarquin creates, implements and enshrines both our strategic plans and our cultural values across the business. He ensures mdgroup is at the cutting edge of clinical services development, delivering our industry-leading services around the world.

Tarquin’s expertise builds on a career in global senior management across the biopharmaceutical and clinical services sector. For him, respect for the patients’ voice and needs lies at the heart of a successful clinical trial. Tarquin loves the human interaction of people and technology, which he believes makes the clinical trial experience more personal and accessible for patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Jean Edwards

Jean Edwards

Non-Exec Director

Jean brings a valuable external focus and independent scrutiny to the mdgroup board. She influences our strategic direction and drives innovation by contributing fresh ideas for service opportunities that expand our reach.

As Non-executive Director, Jean is motivated by the chance to help grow an organisation that is focused on the patient, making a difference in clinical research practices and helping pharma to develop new treatments. Skilled in assimilating and summarising information to distil key findings and points, she offers intelligent questions and constructive feedback.

Jean’s value stems, in part, from her previous extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry where she held senior roles in clinical development and outsourcing/procurement, spanning areas ranging from travel and facilities management to marketing and sales.

Executive Team

Caroline Jackson

Executive Vice President, Patient Services

Neil Barfield

Neil Barfield

Chief Technology Officer

Neil brings his passion for delivering value and making a difference to his role as Chief Technology Officer, providing innovative product, operational and thought leadership for mdgroup’s team of highly-skilled technologists.

Inspired by his focus on solutions that both enable and excite, his team creates cutting-edge, feature-rich, high-value technology products for mdgroup’s clients, patients, healthcare professionals and staff. Neil’s skill at translating complex technical or business requirements into understandable concepts underpins his success at delivering value-based results.

Neil’s expertise reflects his experience of leading teams to deliver highly-complex digital solutions and products for both clients and markets, in the pharmaceutical and clinical services sector. He is also adept at guiding business-wide change initiatives to challenge thinking and inspire a more innovative approach.

LaQuinta Jernigan

LaQuinta Jernigan


As the head of North America, LaQuinta brings a wealth of healthcare knowledge and expertise in building sustainable, strong commercial relationships.

By listening carefully to each client’s challenges, concerns and goals, LaQuinta works with them to find effective solutions. With a life sciences career spanning operations and sales, she has a balanced perspective: she knows what it takes to bring a product to market on time, retain patients and do so within budget, while putting the patient at the heart of what we do.

Enthusiastic and energetic, LaQuinta is motivated by a desire to improve the patient experience by removing any challenge that could impact their quality of life during a clinical trial. For her, being part of mdgroup is about more than selling a service: it’s about focusing on lasting and productive partnerships that always put the patient first.

Leah Iles

Leah Iles

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, Project Management / Europe & Asia

As a regional leader, Leah thrives on working collaboratively with clients to enable them each to achieve their specific goals. Innovative and determined, she shapes ideas, concepts and approaches to fit their individual requirements, gaining satisfaction from playing her part in empowering others to do well.

Leah’s strengths lie in her organisational and development abilities. She focuses on supporting each person as an individual and making the team more effective as a whole. She isn’t happy until the client is and will work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

A process-driven and inclusive leader, Leah brings her expertise in account management and delivery across the medical communications and clinical research sectors to her current role.

Ian Sandbach

Ian Sandbach

Finance Director

As Finance Director, Ian acts as a trusted advisor to the mdgroup board, enabling our executive team to make informed decisions about managing our business based on accurate and timely data.

Drawing on his wealth of experience across all aspects of finance, Ian enjoys using his skills to build high performing teams and drive improved results across the wider business. He combines a can-do attitude with enthusiasm and industry expertise, both domestically and in the international arena.

Ian is an FCCA and has previously held senior finance roles in technology companies, as well as specialising in mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical, health and communications sectors. A results-oriented and focused decision-maker, he is adept at driving multi-million-pound improvements in profitability, while supporting business growth.

Tracie Carter

Tracie Carter

HR & Marketing Director

As HR Director, Tracie ensures that mdgroup has the right people in the right place at the right time, so that clients’ clinical trials are completed successfully, exactly as planned.

Inherently positive and commercially-focused, she is motivated by the knowledge that the strategy she creates will help our business achieve its goals. Passionate about giving our teams the best opportunities to fulfil their own – and mdgroup’s – potential, she enjoys enabling the development of others and seeing them thrive.

Tracie’s expertise stems from a senior career in HR across the finance, insurance, security and marketing sectors. As a Level 7 Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, she is skilled in talent and performance management – alongside strategy and the development of executive teams.

Our people

We’re on a mission to make the clinical more human, and that starts with human connection.

Connection isn’t simply staying connected with our clients, healthcare practitioners, patients and caregivers. It’s connecting the dots, understanding the big picture and finding new ways to deliver exceptional results by drawing on our team’s varied expertise and the exceptional way we work together.
We’re proud of our diverse and talented mdfamily.

mdeducational Foundation

The mdeducational Foundation places qualified mental health professionals into secondary schools, supporting young people through tailored intervention strategies designed to give them the tools they need to thrive.

We’re advancing a study into the impact of mental health on young people. We understand the pressures teenagers face and the impact this can have on their lives, and we know more can be done on a national level to support them. Our programs are pioneering a future where young people are empowered, no matter what their challenges.

Get in touch to register for the opportunity to receive a grant that will place a mental health professional in your school for up to 3 years.