Marketing Statement

Version: 3

Effective Date: January 18 2021

Last Reviewed:  January 2021

The privacy notice below (“ Marketing Statement”) is directed to individuals (“You”/”Subscribers”)  who:

  1. On their professional capacity, have been either invited and/or attended to an event organized by  MDE Services Group Ltd and/or its affiliates which includes MDE Healthcare Services Limited in the United Kingdom and MDE Healthcare Services Inc. in the United States  (“we”/“us”/ “mdgroup”) on behalf of its clients and have effectively opted-in to receive our marketing materials, information about our services, newsletters and other business related information (“Marketing Content”)
  2. have expressly consented to receive mdgroup Marketing Information through mdgroup website:
  3. are existing clients and potential prospects of mdgroup

Whether you wish to receive our Marketing Content, request information through our website or whether you have expressed an interest or are using our services, you trust us with your personal data. We are committed to keeping that trust and this starts with helping you understand our privacy practices.

We are following the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

This Marketing Statement describes the personal information pertaining to you that we collect, how it is used, shared, protected but also helps you understand your rights regarding the use of your personal information by us.

When sending you our Marketing Content, we are relying on your consent to use your personal data and your remain free, at any time to unsubscribe to our mailing list by clicking on ‘Unsubscribe’ in the emails you are receiving or contacting our Data Protection Officer at

If you are an existing client or have expressed an interest in our services, we have a legitimate interest in sending your our Marketing Content to grow our business and develop our services. This is on this basis that we will be using your personal information and you remain as always free to opt-out to our use of your personal information by reaching out to us or clicking unsubscribe in the emails you are receiving from us.

Generally speaking we may have other reasons justifying the use of your personal information such as for us to comply with laws. The reasons justifying our use of your personal information are further described in this Marketing Statement.

We would primarily be sending you our Marketing Content via email but it could potentially be by other means too in which case we will ensure consistency with this Marketing Statement and compliance with applicable laws.  

We may change this Marketing Statement or any aspects of the Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time and post the most up to date version on this page. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy or relevant Statement is reflected by the version date located at the top of this page. We invite you to visit our website frequently to keep abreast of any potential changes.

Any questions you may have regarding the Privacy Policy or any of the Statements can be addressed to our Data Protection Officer at:

Data controller – who are we?If you live in the United States, the data controller for the information you provide or that is collected by mdgroup is:
MDE Healthcare Services Inc.
575 East Swedesford Road
Suite 101
Wayne, PA 19087
United States of America

If you live outside the United States, the data controller for the information you provide or that is collected by mdgroup is
MDE Services Group Ltd
Building 329 Doncastle Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8PE
United Kingdom
The information we collect – categories and sources of personal datamdgroup collects the following categories of information: 
Personal information may include:
Name, surname,  email address, phone number,  business address, job title and job function, organizations you work for, marketing preferences & activities (e.g. attendance or non-attendance to the relevant activity)
1.       Information provided by you
This includes information submitted when you:
–          Sign up to receive our Marketing Content through our website or Cvent when registering for an event
–          Contact our team for support or finding out more about our activities
–          Engage with any of our mdgroup members or activities (via social media i.e on LinkedIn, during a networking event, conferences, attend to a webinar we would host)
2.       Information generated when you use our Marketing Content
This includes information submitted when you:
–          use our Marketing Content and provide some feedback or request some more information
3.       Information from other sources
These may include:
–          Service Providers (like digital marketing agencies, email marketing providers, customer relations management system providers) through which you receive our Marketing Content and who will provide us with some data regarding your use of the Marketing Content (in the event where for example they receive a request to unsubscribe to our mailing list on our behalf, whether the email they sent on our behalf was delivered, opened and if the links within the email were clicked, whether you attended or not to a webinar).

–          To send out our Marketing Content, we use Hubspot which will host your personal information on our behalf and which may also use cookies and tracking technologies. To find out more about this please read the privacy policy that Hubspot has made available online:

–          Partners (i.e other companies that we may partner with to run a webinar, a campaign, an event) and third-party event organisers that would have passed on your information to us with your express permission

mdgroup may combine the information collected from these sources with other information in its possession.
How will we use your information about you – purposes of collection and processingmdgroup uses the information it collects for purposes including:
1.       Promotion, support and improvement of our services
–          The Marketing Content we send you naturally includes information promoting the services we may (already or not) provide to you in relation to in particular, to patient services, event services, and our technologies
–          We value your opinion and as such the feedback you may provide to us may also help to improve our services but also our Marketing Content
2.       Delivery of our services and provide additional information
–          If you are an existing client of mdgroup actively using our services or have requested a quote we will need your personal data to communicate with you about them
3.       Provision of informational content to you
–          The Marketing Content can also contain materials of an informative nature relating to, in particular, the healthcare or events industries such as newsletters, whitepapers, invitations to webinars or other business related topics from the life sciences industry
4.       Safety and security
–          In order to prevent fraud or identity misuse we may use your data to verify your identity against our records
5.       Support
–          We may use the information we collect to assist you when you contact us and direct your questions to the relevant person, investigate and address your concerns
6.       Legal proceedings and requirements
–          We may use the information we collect to investigate or address claims or disputes relating to your use of our services or the Marketing Content, or as otherwise required by applicable law.
7.       To transfer your information
–          In case of a sale, merger, consolidation, liquidation, reorganization, or acquisition. In that event, any acquirer will be subject to our obligations under this Marketing Statement.
Who do we share the data with – recipientsWe may share the information we collect
1.       Within mdgroup
We may share information within our different entities around the world where only necessary for the purposes outlined above.  For example the person at mdgroup dealing with your request or handling a marketing campaign may need to communicate some of your information to another person at mdgroup.
2.       Third parties: service providers and partners
We may also share your information with service providers such as digital marketing agencies we use and email marketing companies handling marketing materials on our behalf like HubSpot.
If we partner with another organisation for some of the services we provide or to conduct some business development and marketing activities (i.e hosting an event, a webinar…) we may share some of your personal information. If we were to share your information to such partners for marketing purposes we will always ask for your prior consent first.
Whenever sharing your information with third parties we ensure to the best of our abilities that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your personal data, in particular with respect to your personal data transferred outside of the EEA.
3.       For legal reasons or in the event of a dispute
we may also disclose your personal data 1) to our auditors, lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professional advisors insofar as it is reasonably necessary for the purposes of obtaining professional advice or managing legal disputes and risks; 2) where such disclosure is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject.
Transfers and storage of your data outside of the European Economic AreaThe following people may not always be based in European countries:
–          Staff operating outside the Europe who work for us and who may be engaged in, the processing or fulfilment of your request or otherwise assist you to the extent required and necessary.
–           Our selected service providers like HubSpot may not only be based in Europe and may need to have access to your data to provide the services entrusted to them.
When we transfer your personal data outside Europe, we ensure that appropriate European rules on international transfers would be observed.
For example, we will sign contracts approved by the European authorities named model clauses, or rely on the fact that the personal information is sent to countries that the European authorities would have deemed adequate.
How long do we keep your data for? Retention and deletionWe retain your personal information in accordance with our retention policies taking into account a reasonable period of time after which we will be refreshing your consent where appropriate.
When you unsubscribe, we will be removing your email address from our mailing list and ensure that the service providers ensuring the service on our behalf do the same.
You won’t be receiving any further Marketing Content from us.
However, your personal data will be put “beyond use” which means being kept on an ‘opt-out list’ that we will be keeping in accordance with our retention policies to ensure that we comply with the law and do not email you again.
Our retention periods will vary depending on the type of data involved but generally we’ll refer to these criteria in order to determine a retention period:
–          Whether we have a legal or contractual need to retain the data
–          Whether we have a legitimate interest to keep the data
–          Whether we may need to keep the data to handle any legal claims on which we may be subject to 
–          Whether we need to keep your data put “beyond use” to comply with a legal obligation
Your data – Your rights1. Right to access
You have the right to request confirmation of your personal data we have processed, and where we do, to be provided access to the personal data. Providing the rights and freedoms of others are not affected, we will supply you a copy of your personal data. This service and, in particular, the first copy will be provided free of charge, but we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to cover administrative charges in the event of unreasonable, excessive requests from you.
2. Right to rectify/complete your data
We do our best to keep your personal data accurate and up to date, to the extent that you provide us with the information we need to do so. If you data changes (for example if you have a new email address), then you are responsible for notifying us of those changes. You have the right to have your personal data rectified and/or completed.
3. Erasure of your personal data
Upon your request and under certain conditions including for us to comply to applicable laws,  you may request your personal data to be deleted.
4. Restrict our use of your personal information
You may request under certain conditions for our use of your personal data to be restricted.
5. Right to complain to a data protection authority
You have the right to file a complaint to the data protection authority of the country you are based if you have any concerns about how your personal information may be used (i.e. Information Commissioner if you are based in U.K, CNIL if you are based in France)
We respond to all requests we receive from individuals wishing to exercise their rights in accordance with applicable laws. We may ask to verify your identity in order to help us respond efficiently to your request or for security reasons.