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Wellness, wellbeing, self-care, ‘me’ time – where do you start?

By September 20, 2020December 18th, 2021No Comments

Wellness, wellbeing, self-care, ‘me’ time – take your pick: the list is long. These days there are as many words to describe the state of feeling healthy and happy as there are, potentially, ways to achieve it.

There’s also no shortage of experts to tell you what might help you, physically and mentally, to feel better about yourself and life. But, in truth, only one person knows what you really need. You.

COVID-19 might have changed many things in our world, but it hasn’t changed that.

At mdgroup, we understand this: it’s one reason we’re committed to ‘putting patients first’. Innovative and open-minded, we take care to remain aware of the latest developments in wellbeing so that – when useful – we can signpost patients, their families and those who support them to the resources we believe could make a positive difference to them.

Whether that’s a trusted app to aid meditation, a proven exercise routine, a new therapy, innovative social activity or emerging ideas around the food we eat – we’re passionate about highlighting anything we believe can help you feel better supported throughout your clinical trial, while respecting you’re best placed to choose.

So, wellness: where do you start?

Physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, we’re all different – but most people agree that the first step is to find something you can realistically do, in the space you have, that you’ll enjoy. Looking after yourself (especially at times of stress) shouldn’t feel a chore.

The next step is to explore your choices. What motivates you? What clears your head? What helps you feel calm? What gives you the energy you want? And, for now at least, what’s COVID-secure?

Then experiment. See what works. Notice what doesn’t – and move on. There are many things we can do individually or with the support of a group, where the sense of a shared purpose can be a boost to wellbeing in itself. But approaches that are already trusted by people of diverse abilities across the world include: mindfulness; physical activity; green care*; volunteering; getting creative; and coaching/counselling.

The choice is wide – and expanding, especially online. Which one do you want to discover more about first?

*‘green care’ refers to activities that recognise the connection between nature and health, such as horticultural therapy or care farming.

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