Author: Christopher Kennedy

How to Involve Patients in the Design of Decentralised Clinical Trials


There’s no doubt of the seismic impact COVID-19 has had on clinical trials. As a result of safety measures, the industry has had no choice but to start moving towards an approach which minimises or eliminates the need for travel and contact. As a result, more and more trials are being held virtually, and completely decentralised trials are increasingly more common.

Why Decentralisation Is The Future Of Clinical Trials


Decentralisation of clinical trials has been a growing topic of discussion and development over the last few years, enabled further by the advancement of available technologies. Here, we explore what we mean when we talk about decentralised trials and discuss why the clinical research industry has been reluctant to pursue this route. We illuminate the […]

Clinical Trials: To Decentralise, Or Not To Decentralise?


We explore how to look beyond the most common challenges faced by study organisers, and identify whether a clinical trial is an appropriate candidate for either a fully decentralised or hybrid model.